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How we give back!
Yoga for Mental Differences

This page is dedicated to Confidently Sensitive: Yoga for Mental Differences. Confidently Sensitive is our Give Back program which was started in the Spring of 2024 thanks to a grant provided through the Lululemon Community Initiative Fund. This fund engages local Ambassadors, and supports them by investing in locally relevant grassroots community events.


Due to the strong need for mental health support on Martha's Vineyard, YogiJay and WholesomeMV, in collaboration with Lululemon and the Martha's Vineyard Yoga Barn launched Confidently Sensitive. Its an inclusive and ambitious program with the mission of educating and supporting the martha's vineyard community in better understanding mental differences while also learning valuable tools, techniques and resources to support mental differences through yoga and mindfulness.

"Confidently Sensitive, weaves together in union thousands of years of anecdotal and modern emperical research based evidence, tools and techniques to educate and share the powerful practices of mindfulness in supporting both caregivers and individuals a like who experience mental differences in their daily lives." - YogiJay

Our Guides & Experts

Explore the tools, techniques, and resources on this page, recommended by our guides and experts on your journey to becoming Confidently Sensitive!

Key Components of Confidently Sensitive


Understanding the "flavors" of energy


What is mindfulness and why Yoga?


OCD, ADHD and GAD: Understanding the Experience


Improving Executive Function with Mindfulness


Tools, Techniques and Transformation

Learning Resources

We hope these resources inspire you to continue your practice and further explore the powerful connection between mindfulness and mental health. Should you have any questions or need further support, please do not hesitate to reach out to our experts.

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Websites, Technology and Articles


Suggested Readings

Time to Practice

The only way to make change is to show up. Its the honest truth. Practice makes imperfectly perfect. Study, move, pause, breathe, rinse and repeat!

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