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Wholesome MV is a developing network of Martha's Vineyard-based wellness educators, community partners, and practitioners connecting through in-person and online programs and experiences intended to support individual and community wellness.


We're not you're typical brick-and-mortar wellness studio. Rather, we facilitate collaboration between community partners who are wellness-minded, community-oriented, and interested in hosting wellness experiences with wellness educators who have a unique passion for a variety of wellness tools from yoga and mindfulness modalities to whole cooking. We believe that this cooperative-based network creates a positive feedback loop that incentivizes cooperation over competition, thereby supporting the long-term prosperity of practitioners, educators, and community partners alike.

Dedicated to Community Wellbeing

The island is a special place to so many. From the year-rounder, to the day-tripper, the island brings lots of joy to the world. We want to celebrate all the businesses, organizations and individuals that make this place the joy that it is.  


Jason and Casey


Jason Mazar-Kelly (YogiJay) is a man of many stories. A Kripalu Yoga instructor, meditation teacher, breath-work specialist, mindfulness coach, CPA/accountant, consultant, husband, son, brother, friend, person =) 

Jason is one of the Co-Founders of WholesomeMV and leads the Wholesome Yoga dimension which focuses on providing mindfulness-based practices through community collaboration and cooperation. He has been practicing yoga since 2011 and teaching yoga and meditation since 2014. Jason specializes in intuitive movement, meditation, breath-work, yoga philosophy and the subtle anatomies of yoga. 

"While yoga is a wonderful tool for improving physical wellbeing, its roots run deeper. At WholesomeMV, we strive to honor all branches of the practice and look forward to offering an immersive practice that serves you in the practice as well as in your life."

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Casey Mazar-Kelly is a farmer on Martha’s Vineyard who loves to eat and share good meals. Through the process of growing food Casey cultivated a desire to highlight the benefits of farm fresh food by creating meals highlighting the natural flavors, specifically working with seasonal, locally grown produce. Casey cares deeply about increasing access in local food and pursued their passions at University where they obtained their dual degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems and Ecogastronomy. Since then Casey has worked on and with local farms both on Martha’s Vineyard and beyond. Working at the intersection of food and farming, Casey finds fulfillment in connecting people to delicious, well-produced food and contributing to our complex food system.

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