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Wholesome MV is a cooperative based business on the island of Martha's Vineyard. Our mission is to improve the community, environment and day to day lives of those we interact with through holistic individual self improvement. In executing this mission we envision a wellness hub of providers, businesses, organizations and practitioners with a common goal of improving the wellbeing of the island and all those, both near and far who share in its magic. 

Meet the creators of Wholesome MV

Casey and Jason Mazar-Kelly are the creators and co-founders of Wholesome MV. In 2017, the two of them got married and decided to move to the island full time. Casey had grown up coming to and working on the island during the summers and upon moving to the island accepted a position as Wholesale Manager for Morning Glory Farm. Jason had grown up vacationing on the cape but never made his jump across the pond until he met casey. He was instantly attracted to the strong community and beauty of the island as most people are. At the time Casey and Jason decided to move, he had been working as a CPA and financial auditor by day and teaching yoga by night, kind of like a superhero! Jason worked remotely from the island until the spring of 2019 when he decided it was time to pursue his passion for yoga full time. The two have had an amazing journey since moving to the island. "We've met so many amazing people, businesses and organizations and are excited to build roots and start our own family on the island." While most of life was well, Casey and Jason saw and experienced some hardships of their own that they had heard about from other members of the community who have lived and worked on island for years and sometimes there whole life. "We moved 5 times in our first year transitioning onto the island. We were fortunate to have family who generously offered us a year round opportunity. We also experienced the seasonality of our work and knew the feeling of anxiety regarding whether the gifts of the summer would carry us through the rest of the year. While we've landed on our feet each year, we saw so many others, friends and coworkers included who didn't and had to move on despite wanting to stay." From these experiences, Casey and Jason thought there must be a way to make progress and help build a strong community with less barriers to entry

Dedicated to Community Wellbeing

As a cooperative based business on the island of Martha's Vineyard, we focus on building community through wellness collaborations and offerings. The island is a special place to so many. From the year-rounder, to the day-tripper, the island brings lots of joy to the world. We want to celebrate all the businesses, organizations and individuals that make this place the joy that it is.  


Jason and Casey


Jason Mazar-Kelly (YogiJay) is a man of many stories. A Kripalu Yoga instructor, meditation teacher, breath-work specialist, mindfulness coach, CPA/accountant, consultant, husband, son, brother, friend, person =) 

Jason is one of the Co-Founders of WholesomeMV and leads the Wholesome Yoga dimension which focuses on providing mindfulness-based practices through community collaboration and cooperation. He has been practicing yoga since 2011 and teaching yoga and meditation since 2014. Jason specializes in intuitive movement, meditation, breath-work, yoga philosophy and the subtle anatomies of yoga. 

"While yoga is a wonderful tool for improving physical wellbeing, its roots run deeper. At WholesomeMV, we strive to honor all branches of the practice and look forward to offering an immersive practice that serves you in the practice as well as in your life."

Casey Mazar-Kelly is a avid cook and passionate foodie. Casey studied sustainable agriculture and food systems and has traveled the world studying the intersection of food and sustainability. Casey works in and supports local agriculture on the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard.


In addition to being the Co-Founder of WholesomeMV and lead of the Wholesome Cooking dimension, she currently works for Morning Glory Farm as the Post Harvest and Distribution Manager. Casey believes in supporting local agriculture, providing for ourselves and community and enjoying connection through food.

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