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The Wholesome Virtual Studio is a virtual wellness space offering live zoom and on-demand yoga, meditation, and breathwork classes that you can take where you want and when you want. Each offering is intended to leave you with another tool to improve and maintain your wellbeing. 


Check out our virtual membership options, drop into a live virtual class or access the on-demand Library by clicking one of the buttons below. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Remember, the most important step is the next one! Are you ready to take the next step?

Yoga at Home



"Jason’s Zoom classes this past winter were a life saver! Due to the pandemic I was not able to attend in person classes, so it had been some time since I had practiced yoga. I was so happy when I discovered Jason’s online classes. I was apprehensive but I discovered how much I was enjoying his guidance and expertise while practicing. Eventually my endurance, stamina and breath returned and I really adapted to his online class. His class definitely sets the tone for my day! A master yoga instructor who is caring yet provides a level of enjoyment with each and every class."


"It is amazing that an online class can feel so personal, so alive, and so present. I feel supported, seen, and heard in YogiJay’s classes. He has created a community of yogis who support and care for each other. I can’t wait to travel to MV to practice in person, but in the meantime I love starting my day with YogiJay. His languaging (cueing, that is what to do in a pose/how to get into the pose/ how to stay in the pose) is so clear and precise; no yoga mumbo jumbo. It is clear, loving, precise, and sometimes humorous. He also gives many accommodations so that anyone can practice with him"


"The classes with Yogi Jay are amazing. He focuses on both mental and physical strength. I feel rejuvenated after every class. I started taking classes in person, but now I am doing it remotely, as I have not been able to find anyone where I live who would come close to the way Jason teaches his yoga. I feel that the classes have helped me to be a little more resilient to everyday stress"


Check out our weekly live zoom classes below and sign up for class!

Interested in Outdoor/In-Person Classes?
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