Corporate Yoga

Workplace Wellness for the Win!

Bring yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes to your business and leave your employees feeling healthy, well and supported by their work and community.


WholesomeMV can assist you in determining a safe space to hold classes at your location. We promise to honor your business, your employees and your culture. Corporate yoga classes are custom made to fit your business and common stress areas of your employees. 

From those who work on their feet to those who work at a desk, WholesomeMV will develop a unique set of tools and techniques to help your business achieve its wellness goals.

Yoga Group

Please provide your businesses name, contact information (phone and email), type of business and any specific requests which will help us begin customizing a practice to fit you and your employees. Per session pricing ranges from $80 - $200/60 Minute Sessions. Shorter and longer sessions can be accomodated upon inquiry. We will return your inquiry ASAP.

We look forward to practicing with you!