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Mindful Financial Education and Coaching

Understanding the Story of Value

The story of value is a story we all tell and experience if we choose to live in our modern-day world. At WholesomeMV we help you understand the story of value, informed through the lens of mindfulness to support you in a less stressful experience as you navigate your data and finances.

What is the story of value? It's the story of how we create, store, and grow value in our lives. Whether you are an entrepreneur interested in starting a business or an individual looking to understand personal finance, we have you covered.

Below are a list of offerings we currently provide:

Mindful Money Management Workshops

Business Process Improvement/Digital Upskilling workshops

Business & Digital Upskilling Coaching

Personal Finance Coaching

Workshops and coaching are provided by YogiJay, our founder, who will wear his CPA Jay hat as we make money and finance a little less stressful for you, your business or both!

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Please provide your name or business's name, contact information (phone and email), type of business (as applicable), and any specific requests that will help us begin understand your context.

Coaching services are offered at a base rate of $100/hr for individuals. For business customers, a rate will be negotiated.

If you would like to join a workshop, check out the calendar below for a list of current workshops being held on Martha's Vineyard in collaboration with one of our community partners. We will return your inquiry ASAP.

We look forward to practicing with you!

No upcoming events at the moment
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