Yoga at Home


A virtual wellness space for anyone seeking to improve their wellbeing and find transformation in their life

     We are so excited to continue building community both near and far and are thrilled to have you join us on this journey. While the idea of practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness might sound appealing, the actual practice can be messy. Transformation comes with time, patience and consistent practice. It requires a curious, exploratory mind and intention of rigorous personal inquiry. It takes hardship, discomfort and commitment. Most of all, transformative practices ask us to question, to step outside of our story, to consider the complexities of the world and to listen.

     When you join a class at the Wholesome Studio you will be greeted with kindness, love and honesty. You will be part of a wholesome community that promises to act with non-judgement, compassion and self awareness. You will be challenged through physical, mental and emotional inquiry and you will receive a unique set of tools to help you navigate life in your unique way. Our goal at WholesomeMV is to provide a safe space and unique set of tools to help you realize your potential and the energy you hold to make your life and the world around you a better place.


Check out our weekly schedule below and sign-up for your first class. Remember, the most important step is the next one!


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