Wholesome Cooking Experiences

“Imagine if we had a food system that actually produced WHOLESOME food. Imagine if it produced that food in a way that restored the land. Imagine if we could eat every meal knowing these few simple things:

  • What it is we’re eating.

  • Where it came from.

  • How it found its way to our table.

  • And what it really cost.

If that was the reality, then every meal would have the potential to be a perfect meal."

-Michael Pollan

Believers in "do it from scratch", Jason and Casey, co-founders of WholesomeMV, believe food can be a uniting force and that there are few things that can bring us together better than sharing a meal and connecting over food. 


We hope that you will join us for an interactive cooking experience where we can enjoy the local cuisine of Martha's Vineyard savoring the local flavors and a great meal. Casey, a farmer, (aspiring) homesteader and avid home chef, will work with you to curate the perfect menu integrating different cooking techniques while highlighting the local flavors of our beautiful island and region. Each experience is unique and specifically catered to your needs. 

Reach out if you are interested in one of our Interactive cooking experiences!